Increase your chances at winning the Quiniela


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Super1X2 is a complete and powerful tool for managing, betting, and improving your chances in the lottery of the professional soccer league.

The app is designed for particular gamblers as well as beginners or experts in the science. The program will allow you to manage every kind of bet, and is especially helpful for complex bets with a large number of columns, for which you will find filters and numerous options.

It allows you to use magnetic support betting so you don’t have to deal with lots of pages. You can also print directly on the official tickets with any common printer.

In case this weren’t enough, the program incorporates data and statistics about the participating teams that you can fill out on the Internet or on your own as the season progresses. Thus, you will have the info you need to win more.

Without a doubt, an indispensable application if you play the Quiniela.

Adapted to the 06-07 season Quinielas regulations.


Limited-use 15-day trial version.

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